3D Laser Scanning, X-Ray CT Scanning, Reverse Engineering and Dimensional Inspection

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Reverse Austin Projects Types of projects completed by Reverse Austin.


Digital Shape Sampling and Processing (DSSP)
  • 3D Laser Scanning with CAD Modeling for:
    • Industrial Design
      • High performance parts
      • Mating parts
      • Replacement parts
    • Design Capture (Reverse Engineering)
      • Aerospace components
      • Molding/tooling components
      • Military components
    • CAM - CAD models for CNC programming
    • Reshoring Initiatives
    • Restorations
  • Shape Capture - Scanning and Analysis (w/o CAD model construction)
    • Dimensional Verification - analyze scan data relative to nominal CAD model
    • Scan-to-Print - create watertight STL files for 3D printing
    • Digital Archival - create STL files for preservation
      • Archeological - fossils, carvings, hieroglyphs, etc
      • Architectural - moldings, ironwork, fixtures, etc.
      • Arts - sculptures, pottery, furniture, etc.
  • Scan Data Processing - processing of 3rd party scan data
Design Modeling and Consulting
  • Creation of CAD models based on customer input/requirements
  • Creation of CAM compatible CAD files
  • Design optimization for manufacturability
  • Design of fixtures and tooling for manufacturing

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